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Raghav Sen Real Estate. Rent, buy, let out and sell apartments or houses in Kolkata.

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Rent, buy, let out, and sell apartments, houses, and offices in Kolkata.

With more than two decades of experience in providing luxury residential rentals and sales, Raghav Sen is one of the premier real estate agents in the “City of Joy”. We are proud to have contributed in bringing happiness to hundreds of families in Kolkata -- we specialize in residence rental solutions for consulates/embassies, expats, and Indians working for MNCs/corporates.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and professionalism. Raghav’s core commitment to business ethics and transparency gives our exceptional services a rock-solid foundation. The faith and loyalty we have received from our clients over the years is Raghav’s most significant reward and pushes him constantly to deliver his best.

Raghav also believes that a real estate agent is complete only with the right team: over the years, we have built a dynamic and experienced team of painters, carpenters, air-conditioning mechanics. Together, we are always ready to build our goodwill one step higher.

We offer realtor services spanning a wide range of properties such as offices, furnished and unfurnished apartments. We pride ourselves in maintaining a vast database of properties through which we can provide instant service. Our job is to navigate the process from hunting for a property all the way to sealing the deal. We work with the German, Australian, Japanese, French, and Italian Consulates, along with many MNCs and corporates.

Call Raghav Sen at (+91) 98300 43007. WhatsApp: